Call +44 (0) 20 3146 1280

Call +44 (0) 20 3146 1280

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To buy wine

Call on +44 1206 233778 or email sales@cellarandco.com for prompt attention


Cellar&Co accepts payment upon invoice via bank transfer only


Unless stated otherwise, all stock is offered in original wooden cases. Bottles have excellent levels for their age and capsules and labels are unblemished and correctly located. The stock is therefore suitable for commercial resale.


Prices of shipped wines are per unit, ex Vine International. See above for delivery arrangements.

Prices for wines offered en primeur are per case ‘as in bond’, ie including shipping and landing costs, but not onward delivery.


Our stock is updated daily and recent sales and acquisitions may not immediately be reflected on the site. Please call us for confirmation of availability.


Wines purchased for storage under bond are not liable to duty or VAT. Prices for duty paid wines are however subject to VAT whether cellared or delivered. VAT at the prevailing rate is applicable to delivery charges. Export orders, and sales to VAT registered entities in other EU countries, are exempt from UK VAT.


Cellar&Co’s principal wine storage partner is Vine International, Tilbury, Essex, part of the Liv-ex Group. Where appropriate we can provide high-res images of bottles and cases, and can furnish proof of despatch and receipt.

Warehouse transfers and delivery are executed promptly in accordance with Warehouse schedules, terms and conditions. Delivery is chargeable at Warehouse cost.

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