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February 2020 Wine Market review

Please find below the link to our latest Wine Market Review, updated to 12th February. Topics covered include:

A challenging year ahead leading up to a post EU environment
> Headwinds in all directions and as yet little clarity on future trading arrangements

Brexit: what we know and what we don’t
> The trade is concerned about documentation, product testing and importer labelling but few worries over export to Third Countries

Talking about Bordeaux – Part 1
> Bordeaux 2019 pricing is the question. Is 2008 the answer?

Talking about Bordeaux – Part 2
> What we know about the 2019 vintage so far

Can climate change be good for wine?
> Is the 2018 vintage in France a portent of things to come?

Buying opportunities
> 2016 Bordeaux is the best quality since 2010, and the best value

Selling opportunities
> Time to take a view on beached Bordeaux stocks

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